Thursday, December 12, 2002

I haven’t blogged any opinions about the unresolved situation in Boston. That’s because it’s unresolved and I’m not really into spending my time crafting arguments about a matter that could go one way or another. Once the decision is made I’d feel the discussion has more value. It’s sort of like projections before an election.. “If Jane Doe wins, this will be why and this is what she’ll do.” And then she loses. Or wins for completely different reasons. Look at the LA Senate runoff. All the preelection analysis turned out to be pretty useless, since, it comes out afterwards that Terrell was a fairly abysmal candidate and, among other things, Landrieau was able to capitalize on some issues largely unnoted in the weeks preceding the election: the issue of sugar imports, for example.

So with Boston.

We’ll know soon enough. Then we can analyze, critique, and most importantly, continue to pray for the Church in Boston.

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