Monday, December 9, 2002

The Herald's account:

As of last night, the sources say, Law was himself uncertain which path to take - resignation or bankruptcy.Personally, he is said to be eager to resign given the rebellious mood of his clergy and laity, and the humiliating pounding he has just taken over newly revealed church files.``There is no question he will ask his friends at the Holy See about his resignation,'' a source who spoke to Law yesterday said.But Law's fealty to Rome, the sources say, would require that he stay on in Boston if the Vatican tells him it is unwise to plunge a new archbishop into the U.S. bishopric at the epicenter of Catholicism's sex-abuse scandal.``What man in his right mind wants to step into this mess?'' said a source. ``Remember that replacing an archbishop is a yearlong process - why not have Law handle the dirty work until then?''Therefore, the sources say, Law will ask for a papal go-ahead to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That formal step is necessary for the church to file, and sources say Law has come to the belief bankruptcy is a tidy mechanism for forcing what he calls ``a global settlement'' of the church abuse litigation.

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