Friday, December 6, 2002

Domenico's commenting on the Foley case and questioning a) it being made public at all and b) the implied equivalence in the press between this case and the abuse cases.

The whole story is not told, of course, but it seems that the issue is not one relationship,but a consistent problem with maintaining the vow of celibacy - and such a problem that Cardinal Law recommended the guy be consigned to a monastery. That's a recognition, not of a normal struggle with chastity, but of compulsive behavior. I think that is the reason this case is an issue - it's not abuse of a child of a minor (although questions are implied about the first woman's mental state, which makes the "consensual" part of it questionable) - but it's a recognized pattern of compulsive, problematic behavior - not to speak of declaring that the red lights weren't for him and he's the "Savior of Salem." - and for that reason, I think, it's legitimate to consider this case along with the others when looking at how the Archdioces of Boston dealt with priests intent on destructive behavior.

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