Monday, December 16, 2002

Bishop McCormack reflects on his future:

Bishop John McCormack told parishioners yesterday he is haunted by his part in the church sex scandal, and for the first time apparently questioned whether it could affect his future as leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester.``These days, my past haunts my present and clouds my future with you in New Hampshire,'' he said at the opening of Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral.However, McCormack tempered the remark by adding the best way he can help alleged victims is ``to serve and lead the church in New Hampshire well.''....McCormack criticized the attention paid to the sexual abuse crises, calling it a ``bizarre interest in the details of these horrible acts which repulse us.''McCormack also said too much attention has been paid to his shortcomings. ``Among the many choices and decisions that I have made as a priest and bishop, my mistakes and failings have been lifted up, scrutinized and characterized by some to be such that I am a harmful person or one who lacks moral character,'' he said.

``Little consideration is being given to any good that I have done in the past, and many are being led to question whether I can do any good in the present or in the future.''

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