Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Amid all the dreck and sludge pouring out of Boston today, I'm glad to see, once more, our Bishop D'Arcy of Fort Wayne, formerly of Boston, coming through as the only sane voice in a river called Denial:

(This is from a story about the priest who sexually abused young women, saying he was simply helping them deepen their spiritual lives. Read the article. The guy is unrepetant)

Four years later, Meffan attracted the attention of church officials again. In a Dec. 7, 1984, letter, Bishop Daniel A. Hart informed Cardinal Bernard F. Law that Meffan had said he ''has a `mission' confided to him by God which he is bound to keep secret ... This `mission' makes it impossible for him to accept any regular assignment from you.''Hart's letter prompted Bishop John M. D'Arcy to write to Law on Jan. 24, 1985, declaring that Meffan, who was unassigned at the time, was not ''balanced'' and ''could really harm us.'' Still, Law reassigned Meffan to St. Thecla Parish in Pembroke in December 1985, where he remained until Law placed him on leave in July 1993.

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