Friday, November 8, 2002

Salon, naturally enough, has an article fretting about the consequences of Bush's judicial appointments for the holy writ called Roe v. Wade. A reader notes the article, and particularly the photograph accompanying it.

...the photo accompanying this article by Michelle Goldberg seems striking to me -- the left-hand foreground features an unborn child in a posture halfway between reclining against the photo's borders and flailing as if in fear of decisions being made inside the courthouse that looms in the background. This "fetus" is diaphanous, suffused with golden light, and at a stage of development where his/her humanity is, in visual terms, undeniable. I can't help but wonder whether NOW president Kim Gandy, who is quoted in the article as bemoaning the effect that potential Bush appointees might have on "the entire reproductive life" of her 9-year-old daughter, is angered by Salon's choice of such a picture, considering the impact it might have on those whose views on abortion are wavering.

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