Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Get your HANDS out of my PURSE, Security-boy!


I took my older kids to the airport for their flight to Virginia. The new security routine was in place, which wasn't much different than the old security routine except for an extra check-in point at the beginning. I carried Joseph through the detector gate and we beeped. So we had to step aside and be wanded. First him - which he resisted mightily, and then me - and all of this would be fine but for the fact that just as we were being wanded, the guy at the belt started looking through my purse. Oh, he asked first, but he was behind a plexiglass separating wall, I was trying not to wrench Joseph's arm off as I kept him in place and having a beeping wand waved about my person with a stream of other passengers walking along the belt, blocking my view of what the Security Boy was doing with my purse.

Keep an eye on Your Stuff, friends. I didn't lose anything this time, but I wouldn't take a thing for granted..

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