Wednesday, November 13, 2002

From the NYTimes (LRR): Bishops refuse to even to discuss an audit

In June, a group that represents 50 wealthy Catholic donors, including Ms. John, wrote to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, the president of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, asking the conference to hire an outside auditor to survey the money paid by the nation's 194 dioceses over two decades for abuse settlements, lawyers' fees and other costs resulting from sexual misconduct by clergymen. The group argued that reports of hush money and other secret payments had alarmed contributors and that the audit was needed to restore trust.....

Earlier in the conference, Bishop Joseph A. Galante, the coadjutor of Dallas who is chairman of the conference's communications committee, said he could not explain why the proposed financial survey went undiscussed."I don't know, I guess it didn't get put on the agenda," Bishop Galante said.

There are some other interesting points in the article, including an academic suggesting that one of the reasons Catholics don't give more to their churches is the lack of financial accountability- in too many places, there are only the vaguest financial reports, if any.

You'll also meet the Milwaukee heiress who found out, much to her consternation, that the building she donated to the Archdiocese was sold to help pay for you-know-what on behalf of you-know-who.

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