Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Emily's List irritates everyone now - even liberals.

The Senate seat of Democrat Mary Landrieu is hanging by a thread. Unable to win an outright majority on November 5, Louisiana's Southern-fried election laws have forced her into a December 7 runoff with the top Republican vote getter, Suzanne Haik Terrell.It's a close race and nobody's taking it for granted. Right after the election, planeloads of Republican and Democratic activists parachuted into Louisiana to duke it out. But one major left-wing group isn't weighing in: Emily's List.The 17-year-old feminist PAC devoted to electing pro-choice Democratic women once supported Landrieu. No longer. Landrieu, you see, once voted to ban partial birth abortions. As far as Emily's List is concerned, that is unforgivable.The fact that Landrieu's record is otherwise pro-choice and Terrell is pro-life doesn't move it. Nor does the fact that Terrell could add one more vote to the new GOP Senate majority."I don't think we are interested in electing anybody who is going to weaken abortion laws," said Janet Harris, the PAC's communications director. They wrote off Landrieu a long time ago, she adds.That's only the latest in a pattern of activity that is driving liberals and Democrats alike up the wall. A growing number are beginning to wonder if the PAC's abortion rights absolutism is undermining the Democratic Party's efforts to control Congress.

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