Thursday, November 7, 2002

And now, also from the the Pro-Life Infonet, a look at state-level races from the prolife perspective:

Other than in Minnesota, perhaps the biggest upset election victory came in Georgia, where pro-life candidate Sonny Perdue defeated pro-abortion incumbent Roy Barnes and in South Carolina where pro-life former Congressman Mark Sanford toppled incumbent pro-abortion Gov. Hodges.

In Hawaii, former Maui Mayor Linda Lingle (R) has defeated Lt. Gov.

Mazie Hirono (D) 52% to 47%. Lingle's victory is expected to prevent Hawaii from becoming the second state to legalize assisted suicide.

Hawaii's outgoing governor supported a bill legalizing the grisly practice that passed the state House and lost in the state Senate by only two votes. Lingle has promised to veto a bill that permits assisted suicide.

Unfortunately, there were some key losses to take some of the luster off the Congressional election victory. Pro-life Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum, hurt by a third-party candidacy, lost to pro-abortion state attorney general Jim Doyle.

Several pro-life candidates for Governor were turned back by voters Tuesday night, including Tennessee, where pro-abortion candidate Phil Bredensen defeated pro-life Congressman Van Hilleary.

In Illinois, pro-abortion attorney general candidate Lisa Madigan won a narrow election. Madigan has promised to attack crisis pregnancy centers in the state.

Pro-life advocates generally fared well in state legislative contests.Nebraska Right to Life director Julie Schmit Albin said in a statement that pro-life lawmakers will enjoy a three to five seat gain in the state's unicameral legislature. All of the candidates in the election victories oppose research that involves the destruction of human life, which has become a key issue in the state legislature. Pro-life advocates also made gains at the NU Board of Regents.

Legislative pro-life victories will have a profound effect on pro-life legislation in Wisconsin.Wisconsin Right to Life executive director Barb Lyons said, "the 2002 elections resulted in a net gain of 4 right to life seats in the State Senate." Lyons indicated her state gained two pro-life lawmakers at the state House level.

In Tennessee, Pro-lifers swept every contested race in the state Senate with only one endorsed candidate losing. In the State House, pro-life Tennesseans now hold 51 solid pro-life votes (37 Republicans and 14 Democrats) to 27 solid pro-abortion votes. Twelve more members hold "mixed" records but can be reliably expected to lean pro-life.

Nearly 82% of West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee's endorsed candidates were victorious in their election bids. In fact, sixteen of seventeen Senate candidates elected Tuesday are pro-life.

Alaska Right to Life executive director Karen Vosburgh told the Pro-Life Infonet her organization lost two pro-life votes in the state Senate but gained four in the state House, including the election of a former Alaska Right to Life president.

Highlights of key races for Governor:

Alaska: Pro-life Sen. Frank Murkowski (R) defeated pro-abortion Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer (D) 56% to 41%.

Arizona: Although votes are still being processed, it appears that pro-abortion state Attorney General Janet Napolitano (D) defeated pro-abortion former Rep. Matt Salmon (R) 47% to 44%.

Arkansas: Pro-life Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) defeated pro-abortion state

Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher (D) 53% to 47%.

California: Pro-abortion Gov. Gray Davis (D) defeated pro-life candidate Bill Simon (R) 48% to 42%.

Colorado: Pro-life Gov. Bill Owens (R) defeated pro-abortion candidate Rollie Heath (D) 63% to 33%.

Illinois: Pro-abortion Rep. Rod Blagojevich (D) defeated pro-life

state Attorney General Jim Ryan (R) 52% to 45%.

Kansas: Pro-abortion candidate Kathleen Sebelius (D) defeated pro-life state Treasurer Tim Shallenburger (R) 53% to 45%.

Maryland: Rep. Robert Ehrlich (R), who votes mostly pro-life, defeated pro-abortion Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D) 51% to 48%.

Michigan: Pro-abortion Attorney General Jennifer Granholm (D) defeated pro-life Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus (R) 51% to 48% with 97% of precincts reporting.

Minnesota: Pro-life State House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty (R) defeated pro-abortion state Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe (DFL) 45% to 36%.

New Mexico: Pro-abortion Rep. Bill Richardson (D) defeated pro-life state Rep. John Sanchez (R) 57% to 38%.

Ohio: Pro-life Gov. Bob Taft (R) defeated pro-abortion candidate Tim Hagan (D) 58% to 38%.

Oregon: Pro-abrotion state Supreme Court Justice Ted Kulongoski (D) defeated pro-life state Rep. Kevin Mannix (R).

Pennsylvania: Former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell (D), who is pro-abortion, defeated pro-life state Attorney General Mike Fisher (R) 53% to 45%.

South Dakota: Pro-life state Sen. Mike Rounds (R) defeated pro-abortion candidate Jim Abbott (D) 57% to 42%.

Wisconsin: Pro-abortion candidate Jim Doyle (D) defeated pro-life Gov. Scott McCallum (R) 45% to 41%.

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