Thursday, October 24, 2002

Robert Trexler, editor of the bulletin for the New York C.S. Lewis Society, sends this link to an excerpt from a new book about the Harry Potter series, along with these comments:

I have read the entire book in manuscript and I feel very strongly about its importance. It is insightful, spiritually illuminating, and fun to

read. The writer is clearly immersed in CS Lewis and the Inklings, and shares with JK Rowling an advanced degree in Classical Languages and Literature (Granger has a degree in classical languages from The University of Chicago.)

The section where Mr Granger explains the hidden meaning of various names and words in the Potter books, often based on latin, is a great piece of detective work. He also has a wonderful section which explains the principles of symbolist literature drawing from his background as an Eastern Orthodox believer. Aside from its relevance to the Potter books, it serves as a primer for any understanding of the sacramental and incarnational nature of good Christian fiction. His explanation of Platonic theories will aid in the understanding of Lewis and Tolkien as much as the JK Rowling books. There are superb plot summaries which document the Christian perspective of JK Rowling as an author. There is a fun section where he speculates on the events forthcoming in future novels, which should be of interest to the die-hard Potter enthusiast (I think kids would actually enjoy reading this section and skip over parts one and two which deal

with major themes, influences and general literary theory.)

Of the many books available on the Potter phenomena, this is the only one which takes it seriously as a modern day inspiration from the Inkling genre. Nothing else has been written which addresses all the questions which Granger is perceptible enough to ask. And few people have the classical and Christian background to provide satifying answers.

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