Thursday, October 24, 2002

Law says he might meet with VOTF

In a further softening of his position, Cardinal Bernard F. Law yesterday told about 400 priests that he hoped to sit down with leaders of Voice of the Faithful, the lay group that has arisen out of the church's sexual abuse crisis and with which he has feuded, said priests who attended a meeting with the cardinal. Law made the remarks at St. Camillus Church in a wide-ranging session that covered topics ranging from his decision not to resign in the midst of the crisis to the rights of priests accused of sexual misconduct. The meeting, which was his second in two days with archdiocesan priests, was closed to the media. But in remarks afterward, the cardinal said the assembled priests who spoke had kind words for the Voice of the Faithful.''I would say the basic thrust of the comments was to encourage on my part a more open and positive approach,'' said Law. At the earlier meeting on Tuesday, most priests spoke positively about the organization, while a few voiced negative comments.

I think he should, and often. Keeping them totally outside only gives them more power in the public relations game.

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