Monday, October 21, 2002

A good piece about Alex Jones, the Pentecostal pastor who converted to Catholicism

Mr. Jones said he came into the church with no agenda. "I came here to learn and to sit and to discover all the teachings of the church. While I’m here and my eyes are adjusting to the light, I see things I can contribute, too. One thing I can contribute is my passion for Christ, my love for Him, and seek to spread that to those around me."....When he finally became Catholic, Mr. Jones said he felt that all of his wanderings were over. "Just about every convert to the church has that feeling of coming home. This is the big house and we’ve been living out in the yard in tents. So we folded our tent and came into the big house."

The article says Jones is training to be ordained a deacon. Why? Why not a priest? Perhaps it's a personal decision he's made himself, but if no one in the hierarchy is really encouraging this man to be ordained to the priesthood, it's a real shame.

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